Laparoscopic Left Hemicolectomy

Prof. Michael Corrin, Biomedical Communications, University of Toronto
Dr. Sami Chadi, Division of General Surgery, Toronto Western Hospital
Team members
Felix Wieler

Felix and I had the opportunity to observe a laparoscopic left hemicolectomy performed by Dr. Sami Chadi at Toronto Western Hospital. The goal of this project was to create a sequence of illustrations that accurately and clearly depicts the surgical procedure performed by Dr. Chadi. Due to the length of the procedure, Felix and I split it into two parts so I illustrated the beginning of the procedure.

Medical Students
Adobe Illustrator
Date completed
April 2017
final surgical illustration
surgical linears
surgical linears
surgical linears
surgical linears
surgical linears
surgical linears
surgical linears
surgical linears
In the operating room

Initial sketches were done while in the operating room observing the surgery. I took extra note on the anatomy so that I could keep track of the steps and orientation.


The biggest challenge of this project was the anatomy. Due to the patient's medical history and condition, it was a difficult surgery and the approach differed from the norm. Therefore, many iterations were made with multiple feedback sessions from Dr. Chadi and Prof. Corrin in order to work out every detail so that the sequence of events and anatomy would be accurately depicted.

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