Medical Genomics: From Research to Patient Care

Prof. Nick Woolridge, Biomedical Communications, University of Toronto
Dr. Erin Styles, Molecular Genetics, University of Toronto
Team members
Nati Chen
Chelsea Canlas

A short animation that explains what medical genomics is, recent advancements in the field, and the emerging need for professionals who can integrate and interpret genetic and genomic data.

Prospective undergraduate students, general audience
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe After Effects
Date completed
May 2018
Script & Storyboard

While working on the script, we made several iterations to make the language engaging and accessible to the general audience. We focused on visualizing motion graphics and dynamic transitions while creating the storyboard.

Visual Style

We wanted to convey a bright, fun and vibrant mood in order to engage younger viewers. We developed a style guide complete with a harmonious colour palette for visual consistency. We were especially concerned with appropriately protraying DNA, mutations and cellular environments to avoid causing misinformation. The scientific accuracy of our cellular visuals were reviewed and approved by Dr. Styles.


To reflect the multicultural setting of college and Canada, we wanted to have a diverse cast of characters that seemed friendly and relatable.

cell environment